A Business is like a tree. Yes, tree! This is a business analogy you probably would not have heard of before. If we dig a little deeper into the functional aspect of a tree, most businesses comprise of the same basic features. We can come to a better understanding of business structures by simply learning about trees and how they fzzunction in diverse environments. Value Creation Automation is a unique solution which gives businesses the power to grow their business like a tree and reap success.


Here are some common principles to give you a comprehensive understanding of Value Creation Automation and growing your business like a tree:

  1. Watering your business with cash

All trees require water to grow. Water brings life to saplings, enabling them to sprout into enormous giants over time. Similarly, businesses require adequate amounts of cash which helps funds operational activities. Did you know that a majority of businesses fail in first 5 years due to cash flow problems? This startling fact sheds light on how important it is to keep cash flows well-managed.

Value Creation Automation gives businesses a full-functional finance system which is integrated with entire departments within. Businesses do not have to hire overly expensive finance teams to take care of financial activities. VCA can record, update and manage accounting books in real-time with little or no human intervention needed. This means managers can have an accurate real-time view of all cash-flows in the organization. The availability of such data can prevent major cash-flow problems from occurring.

  1. Focusing on growth

Once water is tapped, a tree will utilize the resource to expand and grow. Businesses with the perfect stream of cash-flows must focus on building and growing. No matter how interesting and market-worthy your product/service is, you must grow or face a dead end. Value Creation Automation promotes business growth by streamlining all activities and giving managers a vision. A common problem by businesses today is the inability to focus on growth due to the never-ending issues. From poor cash management to overworked employees, much of the time is wasted on rectifying errors and keeping afloat. Through VCA automation, managers can free up plenty of time, acquire useful data and focus on growth strategies.

  1. Visualizing

By simply looking at a tree, you can tell if it’s withering. The outward impression gives insight on how well or bad the interior of the tree may be. Similarly, a business must have visual insight to functional aspects. Without seeing, one cannot know, and without knowing, one cannot control.

Value Creation Automation Provides managers and workers with visual display screens for real-time data. All screens reflect tasks to be assigned, tasks assigned, task progress, associated costs, profit margins, risks, etc. All such information makes it easier for members to understand what the current performance level is and what targets must be met within defined timelines.
Value Creation Automation is redefining the traditional ways of business with its unparalleled approach. The tree analogy simply lets you understand the similarities and gain a thorough vision. Not growing your business is not an option in today’s tough times. So why wait? Get in touch with VAC experts and learn more about this amazing technology here http://www.cordis.us/.


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